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Baking was not my first encounter with the event planning industry.  For over twenty-five years I have been heavily involved in all aspects of event planning from huge city-wide concerts under the stars to extravaganzas for several of the largest hotels in Las Vegas, from glitzy galas to charity fun-runs in the park for a local non-profit, and from weddings and other family ceremonies to small corporate meetings and children's birthday parties.

I first tried my hand at creating a cake for my daughter's first birthday.  Two firsts!  What better occasion?  The cake was a start, but not at all like I had pictured in my mind.  What surprised me was that, despite the frustration of not getting it quite right, I loved the experience.  The creative urges had been spent on other people's events now exploded into action on my own behalf.

Twelve years of birthdays later, word of my creations has spread farther afield than family and friends, to complete strangers, and I realize I have built a business that is expanding week by week.  Today, my daughter Madelyn - and my original inspiration - is my right hand.  We have even coerced Gary, my husband, into helping out with deliveries and solving technical problems posed by the more complicated cake designs.

Let me tell you about our kitchen.  SweeTXpressions is a home-based bakery that operates under the Texas Cottage Food Laws SB81 and HB970.  We are located in Central Texas and our service area is growing by leaps and bounds.  Each order is custom made, orders are limited so that we can provide the same highest quality, professionalism and individual attention to every one of our clients.  Ingredients are always fresh and cakes are never frozen.  Our pricing is very competitive but no two cakes are the same so we base our cost on the complexity and intricacy of the design.

When it's important to you, it's important to me.